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Ultracap Module 48V 165F

Ultracap Module 48V 165F
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  • MDCL0165C0-0048R0SHC-03

EDLC Module - 48V 165F - SPSCAP Ultracapacitor Module * Protection class IP65 / incl. mating...more
SPSCap MDCL0165C0-0048R0SHC-03
Type: Module
Energy Wh: 52.8
Capacity F: 165
Voltage V: 48
Width mm: 190
Height mm: 179
Length mm: 417

EDLC Module - 48V 165F - SPSCAP
Ultracapacitor Module
* Protection class IP65 / incl. mating connector *
RoHS compliant
Country of origin: CHINA
Customs tariff number: 8543 7090 300

The 48V165F module is a complete energy storage module consisting of 18 individual supercapacitors connected in series, of which the rated capacitance is 3000F. The series module contains a voltage management circuit for cell balancing, which can protect each cell from operating in a harmful overvoltage condition. The series module has the function of sensing (each cell voltage output) and warning of overvoltage or overheating. It is mainly used in energy storage of automobiles, railways, wind turbines, industrial equipment and microgrids.
MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-01, MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-02, MCP0165C0-0048R0SHC-03 are available to meet different requirements.
The module is fixed by positioning holes in four corners and output from the terminals on both sides. The 4P terminal of the module can output the signal of overvoltage alarm and temperature monitoring.
The 48 volt capacitor module may only be operated within the specified voltage and temperature ranges. Observe the polarity indicated on the module. Do not reverse the polarity.
A fan and a heat sink can be installed on the module, increasing the module's cooling capacity. The fan needs an external 24V power supply and is installed under the heat sink on the module.

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