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Consultancy & Sales
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About us

Decades of valuable practical knowledge

Capcomp GmbH is based on many years of experience as a company and further decades of expert knowledge and practical experience through our employees and partners. Especially with our customers and suppliers, we have built up excellent know-how in the use of electronic components, especially ultracaps, in a wide variety of application areas (energy, transport, automotive, and many more).

Authorised specialist distributor for:

  • AiSHi electrolytic capacitors
  • DEKI film capacitors
  • EMEI transformers
  • FENGHUA Chip capacitors MLCC
  • IKP Inductors
  • NAINA Power Semiconductors
  • Morecraft Connectors
  • QIXING Film Capacitors
  • SAMWHA Electrolytic Condensers
  • SAMWHA Ultracapacitors
  • SHORI Relays
  • SPSCAP Ultracapacitors
  • TECATE Capacitors
  • TOPPOWER voltage transformers

This experience and close cooperation with selected electronics manufacturers make us so successful as consultants and suppliers of electronics solutions. We understand your application and know the appropriate specification of the components that are part of a technically and economically optimal solution.

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Phone: +49 7141 - 29895-0